Will Video Conferencing Make Face to Face Meetings and Conference Calls Become Things Of The Past?

Meetings have begun to cultivate a bit of a bad reputation in recent years. In many cases, the cumulative time spent travelling to and from the meeting far exceeds the time spent in the meeting itself.

Meetings are supposed to be an opportunity to collaborate, make decisions and, ultimately, save time. In reality, they can have a net-negative effect on productivity, especially when they involve calling in remote or mobile workers.

If it takes three hours to travel to a one hour meeting, over a third of the working day is unproductive. If multiple people have to travel to meetings on a regular basis, the number of unproductive hours per week, per month and per year soon adds up.

As participants become more acutely aware of this “lost” time, meetings become less frequent or harder to schedule and attendance at meetings declines. This, in turn, impacts on the organisation’s ability to make effective or timely decisions.

Technology (in the guise of Mobility and Connectivity) has advanced to the point that flexible working practices have become the standard for many modern businesses. As the working environment changes, it spawns new challenges. Once again technology is at the forefront of addressing the new challenge collaboration.

Whether you adopt audio conferencing or prefer the in-person experience of video conferencing through Video, virtual meetings can transform the way your business collaborates and take back those “lost” hours of productivity.

Faster Decisions

Having to wait for the next board meeting, sales meeting or production scheduling meeting is often not good enough. The result is that things either do not get done, or get done too late. Having the capability to hold instant virtual meetings significantly increases business agility with informed decisions being made when required.

Greater Collaboration

Employees learn from each other (what’s known as corporate knowledge). Everything an organisation can do to encourage the sharing of this knowledge will have a real impact on efficiency and productivity. By enabling every team or workgroup to communicate and collaborate when required, businesses can significantly improve the way they work.

Reduced Travel

A video conference can be as effective as a face to face meeting; you get the personal touch and the connection. It can also be far more productive, as it is not only the travel costs that are reduced but the unproductive travel time.

A sales manager can conduct sales reviews with all of their field-based staff in a single day, rather than taking the best part of a week; customer reviews become an hour out of the day rather than a whole day out of the week and all of this increases the productivity of your company.

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