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Your physical phone lines will soon be withdrawn, so they need to be replaced. 

With an active programme already underway to dismantle the ISDN and WLR networks by 2025, SIP services will be the replacement. They are easier to manage and are far more cost effective.

Our Remote & Flexible Working Solutions are perfect for businesses of any size.

These Solutions are fully scalable from 1 to 1,000 users.

How do our Solutions work for Remote working?

Our Remote Working Solution is an integrated collaboration of real-time and non real-time systems, designed into and delivered through one easy to use platform. This means that the system will allow your business to unify real-time tools like: Instant Messaging, VOIP Phone Systems and Video Conferencing, with non real-time tools like: Email, Integrated Voicemail and SMS. We can combine these tools and more, through one simple interface, accessible on many different devices, in many different locations – all delivered through the internet.

Why is this good for my business?

Our Remote Working Solution empowers you and your staff to be able to work wherever you are, perfect for todays Flexible/Home Working demand. 

As well as making things simpler, and easier for business and employees, it also allows you to focus on your business growth all whilst saving you money. 

We also supply Direct Routing for MS Teams, giving the best of Remote Working capabilities at the best price. Contact us for more information.

What are some of the other benefits? 

    • Voice and Video conferencing On Demand
    • Instant Messaging 
    • Call Recording with Transcribe Features
    • All teams whether working from an office, or remotely, have a common office phone system
    • The same dial plan; including extension dialling, seamless call transfers and other features
    • Inclusive call bundle, including International destinations
    • Presence monitoring 
    • File sharing and more

We have been with Pen Telecom for several years now, who have provided us with a VOIP phone system. The level of service is great and they are very friendly and responsive. We have recently changed to a virtual fax system and this was set up and put in place the next working day. I would strongly recommend Pen Telecom without hesitation.

James Lau, Lu Oliphant Solicitors