Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice – perfect for businesses relocating or replacing outdated PBX systems

At Pen Telecom, we have been providing hosted voice services for more than 8 years, so we fully understand what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t.

And our suppliers only use top quality, carrier grade, voice platforms that are used by major national telecoms companies such as BT and Telstra. We use Broadsoft for our services, which has been described as the de facto platform of choice for all major enterprises.

Hosted voice is an entirely future-proof product, for companies moving to or establishing a new location and particularly for replacing an outdated PBX system.

The benefits include:

  • 5,000 minutes of calls to UK landlines and mobiles per user. Never pay for a UK geo or mobile call again!
  • number portability – your number remains the same wherever you are located
  • no maintenance charges
  • You have the ability to control your telecoms services online from wherever you are and make the changes you need, simply and easily.
  • Brand New Short Hosted Communications Benefits Video:

Pen Telecom are happy to advise as to the best service for your business needs and we offer free, no-obligation trials.

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What is Hosted Voice | Benefits

What is Hosted Voice, and what are the benefits?Hosted voice offers all of the features that are found in a traditional fixed switchboard solution as part of the supplied package and at no extra charge. The telephony service uses the internet to carry calls (VoIP).But the real practical difference is that you don’t need any equipment in your office – everything you need is delivered through the internet, so you effectively rent the service as you use it.Hosted voice services are scalable and extensions can be added or removed simply and at minimal cost. The choice of platform is important so at Pen Telecom, we connect to a Broadsoft platform. Broadsoft is the leading provider of carrier grade hosted platforms in the world and is used by many national carriers, so we have complete confidence that this is best choice for our customers.Advanced features include:

      • Conference calls
      • Call diverting and time- of-day routing (so you can choose where calls are diverted, and change this depending on the time of day)
      • TAPI interface to compliant applications (so you can seamlessly integrate CRM packages)
      • Call recording and reporting
      • Porting of numbers from fixed line providers (so you can keep the same numbers)
      • Online configuration and management (to minimise the disruption to your business)
      • Disaster recovery protection (ensuring business continuity in the case of a fire or flood, for example)
      • Add home workers easily and quickly
      • No maintenance contracts
      • No call charges for on-net calls

For more information download our FREE guide.Pen Telecom can help you understand how to become part of the communications revolution; please use the enquiry form and we will call you so to fully understand your business communication needs and offer our best advice that is designed for you.
Connectivity and call qualityHosted voice relies on a data connection to make and receive the calls, and if the service is not adequate the call quality may be poor or inconsistent. We will always advise as to the best connection and will only supply a service if we feel that the connection will allow for high quality voice conversations.Whilst this service can be very cost-efficient, it is not a free service, such as those offered to domestic customers by Skype and others. It is specifically a business-to-business service and we do not offer it to domestic customers.Where we do supply the connectivity, we are able to monitor the performance and adjust it as required, so as to maintain voice quality.In today’s congested, time-poor business environment, it makes sense to keep travelling to and from meetings to a minimum to minimise costs and to improve your employees’ work-life balance.For businesses, regardless of size, looking for home-based working and video solutions, this product is ideal, providing an option that was previously only available to large businesses with a substantial in-house IT team.

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