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At Pen Telecom, we have been providing Cloud Voice services for more than 8 years, so we fully understand what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t!

Cloud Voice is entirely future-proof and with 2025 Switch-off Looming, it is an ideal solution for moving from Analogue or Traditional Phone Services (ISDN). 

What is Cloud Voice or VoIP?

Put simply – Cloud Hosted Voice uses the internet to carry phone calls. But the real practical difference, is that you don’t need any equipment in your office – everything you need is delivered through the internet and managed by your host, not an internal or external IT Team. 

Is it the right solution?

The benefits of having Cloud Hosted Voice compared to traditional phone lines are numerous. Removing the hassle of complex phone systems (and those dreaded phone calls to IT) is a Game Changer.

Giving your business the flexibility to easily accommodate Remote/Home Working is essential for business today. Cloud Voice is set up for this, and ready to go at a moments notice! Keeping your business seamlessly connected to your customers by telephone at all times, no matter where your employees are based. 

Remote Working is the future, employees are now more than ever looking for a good work/life balance. Hire the right person for the job, not just the person that is able to travel to a particular office. Don’t miss out on having the best possible team because your phone system is out dated and unable to adapt to today’s connected world. 

 Benefits Include:

  • Never pay for UK Landline/Mobile calls again! With inclusive calls for each user.  
  • Number Portability – your phone number remains the same, wherever you are located.
  • Call Recording and Comprehensive Reporting
  • NO MORE Maintenance Charges – we don’t charge you!
  • We make it easy to control your Telecoms Services Online, from anywhere!

What else can Cloud Voice do:

  • Conference Calls, Call Waiting, Voicemail and more!
  • Call Diverting by time and place – choose where calls get diverted to, and at which times of the day or night!
  • Online Configuration and Management – minimises disruption to your business
  • Add Remote/Home Workers easily and quickly
  • Porting of fixed line numbers – keep the same numbers!
  • Disaster Recovery Protection – ensures business continuity in the case of a fire, flood or etc.
  • TAPI interface to compliant applications – so you can seamlessly integrate CRM packages!

Jon set me up with a VoIP phone for my home office. Not only is it the most reliable phone in the house, it’s also very cost effective. Plus, I love the flexibility it provides me - the phone line comes with me everywhere my laptop does. It’s also great to know that I will be able to keep the same London number even if I move location.

Sheila Woodbridge,