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We specialise in telecoms solutions for businesses with up to 100 users, and our tailored packages are guaranteed to give you exactly what you need to keep in touch. Our aim is to give you the most efficient and reliable telecommunications solutions and the best value for your budget, whether you are starting up a business, relocating or expanding, or simply replacing equipment that is close to (or at!) the end of its useful life.


Voice Services

Hosted? VoIP? What does it all mean? We have been providing VoIP and hosted voice services for years, so we understand them inside out and we know what works – more importantly – and what doesn’t. So let us guide you through the options….

Unified Communications

Connectivity is now faster and more reliable than ever before, so it’s a great time to review your data network to assess whether it is worth combining voice and data service together,to make your business even more efficient and profitable.

Video Conferencing

Good quality video conferences can be as effective as a face to face meeting; you get the personal touch and the connection. And they can also be far more productive, saving you time, money and the stress of unnecessary travelling….


MB Down
MB Upload

100MB Fibre Internet Lease Line from under £300 per month with no upfront cost

Business Telecoms

Pen Telecom supplies a wide range of communications services from simple phone lines and calls, small switchboards through to complex multi-site solutions. Our hosted voice service now includes 5,000 minutes to landline and mobile per user

Our broadband solutions suit anyone from a single user office to circuits of up to 10GB throughput and more and we specialise in the faster more stable, data technologies such as FTTC and EFM that dramatically cut your business costs .

We have been with Pen Telecom for several years now, who have provided us with a VOIP phone system. The level of service is great and they are very friendly and responsive. We have recently changed to a virtual fax system and this was set up and put in place the next working day. I would strongly recommend Pen Telecom without hesitation.

James Lau, Lu Oliphant Solicitors

I recently tasked Pen Telecom to upgrade our telephone system from standard BT type telephones. We can now transfer calls between the new state of the art handsets and set call divert, opening hours easily via the online portal. We also have all of our calls recorded for a small monthly fee. In the first few weeks this saved a client of ours around £1200 on a holiday he booked.

A supplier advised us there would be no charge if he wished to adjust the dates of his holiday, when we called back to confirm the change our supplier tried to levy a 30% amendment fee. Thanks to the recording we proved they had agreed to a free amendment and we had one happy client!

Séan Fletcher, Founder, Travel Four Seasons

Jon’s response to our tender for a phone system for our new UK RSC (Head Office) was not only competitively priced but really helpful in respect of the information and flexibility he provided which ultimately helped us choose the correct option for our needs.

The pre sales, installation and post sales services have all been spot on and the system does what it says on the tin. What more could I ask!

Steve Ash, IT Director, Pizza Hut / Yum! III UK Ltd

Pen Telecom saved us in our hour of need. They diagnosed what our needs were, implemented a new system and trained our staff to use it, we are completely satisfied with their service.

Joshua Harrison, Transformis

Our new offices ticked all the boxes for our business except one, the internet. The location could best be described in technology terms as 'the land that time forgot'.

Your team did an excellent job overcoming problems that were directly related to the location and environment leaving us with a good working internet solution. I would personally recommend you and your company and the services your provide to family, friends and other business associates.

Julian Sheldrake, Q Office Furniture

Jon set me up with a VoIP phone for my home office. Not only is it the most reliable phone in the house, it’s also very cost effective. Plus, I love the flexibility it provides me – the phone line comes with me everywhere my laptop does. It’s also great to know that I will be able to keep the same London number even if I move location.

Sheila Woodbridge, Quirst.com

Jon and the rest of the team at Pen Telecom have been invaluable to us as we have migrated our internet connection over into the 21st century! Their insight and expertise in this area allowed us to have an unnoticeable transition onto our new system. Their advice and ongoing support has meant that not only do we have an internet connection much quicker than before, we now have a disaster recovery plan in place allowing our business to have a failover plan in place should our mainline connection ever fail. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pen Telecom to any of our clients.

Sheelan Shah, Parker Cavendish Chartered Accountants
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