Pen Telecom have been providing SMEs with Voice & Data needs since 2012!

We are able to guide you through all the options regarding Connectivity, Cloud Voice and Remote Working Solutions, and advise you on what works in the telecoms world, and as importantly… what doesn’t.

Please get in touch to check what you need to do to prepare for the great 2025 PSTN switch-offclick here for details.


Cloud Voice (VoIP)

Physical phone lines are soon being withdrawn, perfect time to change yours.  

An active programme is already underway and ISDN/WLR networks will be gone by 2025.  Cloud Voice (VoIP) is the natural replacement. We offer best of breed services that are fully scalable, flexible and have a huge amount of call time included. No maintenance charges, and easily controlled online.


Internet access is vital for all businesses.

Costs for business internet are dropping and the prices of leased lines have never been lower, with 100MB no longer just for big business.  We can access multiple providers and technologies to deliver the best service, at the best price for your business, and offer flexible, short-term contracts.

Remote Working

Remote Working is now crucial, so make sure you have the right communication tools.

We offer a premium product with a fully loaded suite of features. Including digitally enhanced/managed call conferencing, video conferencing, Instant Messaging, inclusive International calls and more. All in a simple easy to use bundle that is perfect for your business.

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Director & Telecoms Expert, Pen Telecom


“My first priority is to look after our customers, always”.

We have been with Pen Telecom for several years now, who have provided us with a VOIP phone system. The level of service is great and they are very friendly and responsive. We have recently changed to a virtual fax system and this was set up and put in place the next working day. I would strongly recommend Pen Telecom without hesitation.

James Lau, Lu Oliphant Solicitors

Jon and the rest of the team at Pen Telecom have been invaluable to us as we have migrated our internet connection over into the 21st century! Their insight and expertise in this area allowed us to have an unnoticeable transition onto our new system. Their advice and ongoing support has meant that not only do we have an internet connection much quicker than before, we now have a disaster recovery plan in place allowing our business to have a failover plan in place should our mainline connection ever fail. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pen Telecom to any of our clients.

Sheelan Shah, Parker Cavendish Chartered Accountants

Jon set me up with a VoIP phone for my home office. Not only is it the most reliable phone in the house, it’s also very cost effective. Plus, I love the flexibility it provides me - the phone line comes with me everywhere my laptop does. It’s also great to know that I will be able to keep the same London number even if I move location.

Sheila Woodbridge,

I asked Pen Telecom to upgrade our telephone system from standard BT type telephones. We can now transfer calls between the new state of the art handsets and set call divert, opening hours easily via the online portal. We also have all of our calls recorded for a small monthly fee. In the first few weeks this saved a client of ours around £1200 on a holiday he booked. A supplier advised us there would be no charge if he wished to adjust the dates of his holiday, when we called back to confirm the change our supplier tried to levy a 30% amendment fee. Thanks to the recording we proved they had agreed to a free amendment and we had one happy client!

Séan Fletcher, Founder, Travel Four Seasons

Jon’s response to our tender for a phone system for our new UK RSC (Head Office) was not only competitively priced but really helpful in respect of the information and flexibility he provided which ultimately helped us choose the correct option for our needs.
The pre sales, installation and post sales services have all been spot on and the system does what it says on the tin. What more could I ask!

Steve Ash, IT Director, Pizza Hut / Yum! III UK Ltd

Pen Telecom saved us in our hour of need. They diagnosed what our needs were, implemented a new system and trained our staff to use it, we are completely satisfied with their service.

Joshua Harrison, Transformis

Very pleased with the new VoIP line that Jon Pentel of Pen Telecom set up for me! It was very quick to install (working the same day!) and now I can make and receive calls on my smartphone, laptop, iPad etc from anywhere in the world. Plus a host of other features like call divert, voicemail to email, included in the package. All for less than the cost of a landline!

Mike Burton, Myco Systems Ltd

We have always had top rate service from these guys. After ongoing service issues with BT, someone recommended Pen Telecom a few years ago and we haven't looked back since. They provide all our phone lines and broadband to our business.Just something as simple as getting our office landlines diverted over the Christmas period - which is done within minutes; it used to take us 2 days with BT.Being able to get straight through to someone when we have an issue or a query makes such a difference. We’re also well aware that we would still be high and dry today if we were still with BT - we lost our broadband connection in the office due to a line fault. Jon came straight to our aid - in person and managed to get an engineer to us within a couple of hours. It’s companies like this that leave BT standing when it comes to customer service.

Stephens Removals