Why Hosted Voice?

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Hosted Voice has many benefits…..

We were contacted on Monday afternoon by a potential customer who needed a Bristol number set up ASAP. We received the completed order form Tuesday morning and by 10:30 we had the number up and running.
There are numerous positives to using Hosted Voice. It is flexible, costs are fully under control. It is always updated with the latest developments at no cost to the user. You have complete geographical flexibility for your numbers.

Hosted services are easy to expand and contract.
No engineering visit and consequent costs in time and money are required.

Low Entry Costs:
Costs remain under control as there are no hidden extras.
Hosted services require minimal investment, usually just in the handsets and a suitable router.

Future Proof:
Hosted services will always be updated to keep up with the latest developments and at no cost to the user.
Hosted Voice works seamlessly across multiple devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Complete Geographical Flexibility:
Because your number is no longer tied to any exchange the number remains with the service no matter where you are located.
No more need to inform your customer base of a new number and the attrition that causes.

Maintenance costs and contract:
Hosted services have no maintenance costs. All support changes etc are done via a web-portal.

Here at Pen Telecom we are more than happy to chat through your specific needs with you


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Many businesses move without being fully aware of what services are available at their proposed new premises. When they try to set up, they come across problems they hadn’t anticipated; they find that the building is not cabled properly or the dedicated internet access they thought they can get is not available or significantly more expensive. But it’s too late because the contract has been signed.
Pen Telecom Ltd offer a no-obligation site check service. Give us a postcode or address of where you are thinking of moving and we will check the services available for you so that you know what you are going to get. We can inspect the building for you if required to report on what you may need in terms of cabling to get the best out of your IT infrastructure.
We make no charge for this and you are not obliged to take our services. But you will at least make a decision based on what you can actually get before realising that you’ve moved and cannot get what you need.
For more information call us on 0208 150 9300 or email info@pen-telecom.co.uk

MiFID II Legislation

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The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive is the EU legislation that regulates firms who provide services to clients linked to ‘financial instruments’. MiFID II legislation requires any company or employee to record all calls, across mobile and fixed lines that include financial advice that could lead to a trade.

5 key requirements of MiFID II

  • Record and keep calls containing financial advice
  • Recordings stored for 5 (or 7) years
  • Secure and restricted access
  • Retrieval upon request
  • Audit Trailing individual recording activities


Here at Pen Telecom we would be happy to advise you on how to get set up with the relevant technologies needed to comply with this new legislation.

Keep calm, it’s only Christmas

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Are you taking time off work for the holidays. Are you worried you might miss a business call?

With the technology of unified communications, all you need is a laptop ,tablet or smartphone that gives you access to all the facilities you have in your office.

For telephony you can choose from a soft-phone, your mobile can be twinned with your desk phone and when someone rings your desk phone, your mobile rings at the same time and you can answer the call with either phone. If you want to you can make calls from your mobile such that the call goes via your office so that recipient sees the CLI of your office extension. Easy!

The technology of unified communications provides you with the ability to work from home – actually not just at home but pretty much anywhere – it has now become so good that you take it for granted.

Now you never need miss a call again!
For more information call 0208 150 9300 or email info@pen-telecom.co.uk

Carry on working even when there is no transport to get to work

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Once again, us Brits were thwarted by a cold snap and many of us have struggled to get into work either due to congestion on the roads, cancelled trains or because our kids’ schools are closed and we need to stay at home look after them.

However the disruption to your daily commute caused by snow,  should have almost no effect on your ability to get work done.

All you need is a laptop ,tablet or smartphone that gives you access to all the facilities you have in your office.

For telephony  you can choose from a soft-phone (UC client), your mobile can be twinned with  your desk phone and when someone rings your desk phone, your mobile rings at the same time and you can answer the call with either phone. If you want to you can make calls from your mobile such that the call goes via your office so that recipient sees the CLI of my office extension. Easy!

The technology of unified communications provides you with the ability to work from home – actually not just at home but pretty much anywhere – it has now become so good that you take it for granted.

Unified communications also provides a video conferencing system that provides the ability to talk to up 10 participants from all round the world.

The client on a laptop (with a camera, of course), iPad or iPhone is simple to install (often it seems to install automatically from an Outlook meeting invitation) and you don’t need any special license or user-configuration on the system to join a meeting. This means that you can simply invite someone to a video chat, they click on a link and you’re away!

UC collaboration tools can help you keep in touch, collaborate and stay productive when it is not practical to meet in person but face-to-face interactions are still easily the most efficient and productive way to work with others to solve problems and address opportunities.

The modern workplace can benefit hugely from the flexibility that Unified Communications provides but it doesn’t mean you have to close your offices, eliminate business travel or avoid your commute. People work best when working together in the same environment but when you can’t all be in the same place at the same time, UC is an excellent second best.

Are you in the financial industry and ready for MiFID II?

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Are you in the financial industry?

Are you ready for 03 January 2018?

Are your ready to be MiFID II compliant ?

MiFID II requires firms linked to financial instruments record all interactions made by telephone.

Pen Telecom’s office telephony solutions work without the need for any interaction from your user. No buttons to press or apps to launch.

We can assist with best practice for your storage requirements to meet MiFID II regulations.

Our call recording system securely stores all recordings which can be accessed via an online control panel for instant retrieval.
The ability to audit all recordings is a vital part of MiFID II.
For  a non-obligation chat call 0208 150 9300 or email info@pen-telecom.co.uk

Unified Communications – Collaborate everywhere

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Unified Communications: collaborate everywhere

Your staff need support for flexible working practices and your customers want to contact you in new ways. In this environment, the business that responds in the most agile manner is most successful. As a collaboration specialist working with multiple technology partners, we can help you manage the change. We offer a full suite of market-leading unified communications (UC), telephony and contact centre solutions delivered as cloud or hosted services, or as on-premises systems.
Through advanced voice, video and collaborative technology we can help solve office space and employee productivity challenges.

Our unified communications and services include:

* Hosted voice
* Powerful communications platform for larger enterprise
* Communication and advanced media endpoints
* Communications control
* Customer engagement and employee collaboration
* Online meeting, screen sharing, video conferencing
* Desktop sharing, presence, IM, voice, video and
* Seamless call redirection and transition
* Enterprise chat, video and collaboration

For more information call 0208 150 9300 or message our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PenTelecom/ or email info@pen-telecom.co.uk

Are your broadband speeds low?

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If you are in an area where broadband speeds are low, to dramatically increase your speeds you can use a 4G SIM in a suitable router.

How does it work?

The router will connect via the sim card to the 4G network rather than the broadband network. The router will then provide internet access to any devices connected to it. It’s getting the connection from a different place. Some routers you can connect to both standard broadband and 4G.
For more information call Pen Telecom Ltd on 0208 150 9300 or message our facebook page  

Video conferencing from your tablet or smartphone for up to 10 participants

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Video is everywhere right now, and that trend isn’t going to change any time soon.

The simultaneous explosion in both mass-consumer and enterprise video applications are driven by increased utility with the tools, leading to wider adoption and lower costs. This feeds back into further development of those tools, furthering the cycle.

Let’s look at what all video conferencing can allow you to do right now:

First, you can host or join a video conference meeting from a phone, tablet, desktop or room system and see your attendees and presentations and documents.
That’s what I call flexibility!
For me, the great thing is to be able to see whether the person is actually paying attention or holding a side conversation. This means no more having to ask, “Hey, is Bob there?” when you can see if he’s in the room or out grabbing a Big Mac.

Second, for customer service scenarios such as banking or health care, the ability to offer a face-to-face contact via mobile is critical.
Both customers and subject matter experts are increasingly mobile, and being able to connect on tablets, smartphones or desktops gives you great flexibility for collaboration.
Seeing the face prevents the awkwardness of talking over one another without the visual cues.

Thirdly you can set up a conference for up to 10 users from all over the world.
This is included for free with our hosted voice plans.

For more information call 0208 150 9300 or email info@pen-telecom.co.uk




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BT have announced their plans to migrate all customers to an IP network by 2025, switching off the company’s ISDN network. As the leading business communications provider, this change will affect millions of businesses across the UK.

Even though SIP technology has been available for 15 years; many organisations still prefer to use ISDN lines. As of August 2013; there were around 3.2 million active ISDN lines in the UK however, by 2025 all organisations will have to move to a SIP service.

Although 8 years may seem as a long period of time, we believe that the migration process will begin soon, that is why you should start learning more about SIP technology and its advantages.

What is SIP trunking?

SIP trunking is the latest form of technology that delivers telephone lines using an external data connection as the bearer for the purpose of making and receiving calls. This virtual IP based service uses network data connectivity instead of dedicated fixed line technology methods.

What are the benefits?

1. Number Portability

Using SIP trunks allows you to keep your phone number no matter where you are, because your phone number is attached to an IP address not a physical telephone line. It permits out-of-area geographic number ranges to be used – displaying your organisation as local, despite being physically located elsewhere.

2. Saves You Money

With traditional ISDN your voice and data connection are on different lines. You will be able to save money by having both on one line. SIP trunking can reduce your costs by 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls.

3. Greater Flexibility

SIP trunking gives you complete control of your lines – you can add additional trunks when demand is high, reduce them when demand is low and split calls to make handling more effective. Being able to make these instant changes will help you to remain in total control of your communications.

4. Disaster Recovery

Incidents that cause an interruption to service such as hostile weather, power failures and natural disasters, can have a detrimental impact on your business reputation. This can lead to an abrupt decline in customer retention and loyalty. SIP trunking can ensure you maintain business as usual and will be able to continue working through every eventuality.