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Like many responsible businesses Pen Telecom are increasingly aware of the significance of helping the planet and the potentially disastrous impact of climate change for us and future generations. Eager to make a little impact we decided to sign up to Ecologi‘s Tree Planting programme.

Ecologi’s ethics and approach appealed to us, as by planting trees in countries that have seen their ecologies devasted by deforestation, they are helping restore what was there previously and bring some healing as well. It can also create job opportunities.

Pen Telecom has pledged to plant a minimum of 25 trees every time a new customer comes on board. Both Ecologi and Pen Telecom are doing more than just pay lip service. On their website Ecologi clearly display what is happening and it is all verifiable – see

We are delighted to announce that the Pen Telecom forest is growing, with 400 trees planted to date in Mozambique, Madagascar, and Nicaragua – click here to see details.

Customers love this green initiative 🌳🌲🌴. As well as helping the planet, all those for whom we have planted trees can see their name associated with the areas of the world where the reforestation has taken place.

It’s a small thing but we hope, over time, to create a forest within Ecologi, worthy of the name.

As well as improving our green credentials, the Ecologi scheme fits well with the ethos of Pen Telecom which is to bring overall value to our customers, with these three core values at the heart of everything we do:

  • Be open and honest
  • Respond quickly
  • Give clear and truthful advice.

We endeavour to behave ethically and run a responsible business in all the areas we operate in.

We were therefore proud to receive our Good Business Charter accreditation earlier this year. As a business we are also conscious of the importance of giving back and supporting charities, such as Go Dharmic whom we helped throughout the pandemic and continue to do so now that we are out of lockdown.

Jon Pentel

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