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The company

Go Dharmic is a small charity on a mission to be a force for good, galvanising 1 million volunteers for social action campaigns! Go Dharmic is a growing movement for individual and social change – see

During the pandemic they have been delivering food to those in need of a meal, who may access food banks or who simply cannot afford a hot meal.

They approached us in April 2020 to see if we could assist them.

The problem

They had a single number in their London office, pointed to a mobile phone. This meant that only one call could be taken at any one time and it was not clear which service was needed and the phone rang day and night.

The solution

We gave them a hosted set-up with 2 lines and an auto-attendant which allowed the caller to decide which service they needed and direct the call to the appropriate department. It also allowed for a voicemail service for each department and each user received an email notification of their voicemails with the voice file attached so it could played anywhere. They can also control when the service is open.

We were able to set this up in one day for them and arrange the set up to display the number from their established single line. The single line was diverted into the new service to provide a seamless service.

The benefits

They used apps on their smartphones to make and receive calls from their main numbers which meant that they didn’t need to show their personal numbers and could maintain their privacy.

As a result the charity greatly improved their efficiency and many more people who were in need of their services were able to reach them.

What they said

‘From all of us at Go Dharmic, we would like to thank you for all of your hard work helping with the running of our phone line.

So far we have distributed over 85,000 meals to the elderly, vulnerable and to NHS frontline workers, and we would not have been able to do it without your help! ‘

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