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When Pen Telecom was set up in 2012, I had a clear strategy to help small and medium businesses to get the most out of the telecommunications products and services available on the market.

This strong customer-centric model has driven the company ever since and ensured that we constantly adapt to new technologies to keep us focussed on what is best for our customers.

Nine years on, our core values have remained unchanged. We promise our customer that we will always:

  • Be open and honest
  • Respond quickly
  • Give clear and truthful advice.

However, as our business has grown and times have changed, signing up with the Good Business Charter was an obvious move.

The Good Business Charter, which is open to all companies, charities and public sector organisations, promotes good business practices and measures behaviour over 10 components:

  1. real living wage
  2. fairer hours and contracts
  3. employee well-being
  4. employee representation
  5. diversity and inclusion
  6. environmental responsibility
  7. paying fair tax
  8. commitment to customers
  9. ethical sourcing
  10. prompt payment.

We were delighted to receive our accreditation in March, a welcome recognition that we are among the growing number of companies that champion responsible business behaviour.

Jon Pentel


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