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Video conferencing from your tablet or smartphone for up to 10 participants

By October 5, 2017Uncategorised

Video is everywhere right now, and that trend isn’t going to change any time soon.

The simultaneous explosion in both mass-consumer and enterprise video applications are driven by increased utility with the tools, leading to wider adoption and lower costs. This feeds back into further development of those tools, furthering the cycle.

Let’s look at what all video conferencing can allow you to do right now:

First, you can host or join a video conference meeting from a phone, tablet, desktop or room system and see your attendees and presentations and documents.
That’s what I call flexibility!
For me, the great thing is to be able to see whether the person is actually paying attention or holding a side conversation. This means no more having to ask, “Hey, is Bob there?” when you can see if he’s in the room or out grabbing a Big Mac.

Second, for customer service scenarios such as banking or health care, the ability to offer a face-to-face contact via mobile is critical.
Both customers and subject matter experts are increasingly mobile, and being able to connect on tablets, smartphones or desktops gives you great flexibility for collaboration.
Seeing the face prevents the awkwardness of talking over one another without the visual cues.

Thirdly you can set up a conference for up to 10 users from all over the world.
This is included for free with our hosted voice plans.

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