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Regardless of the latest, ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions announced by the Government, many high-profile companies and banks had already decided on, either a permanent switch to home working, or allowing staff to choose where they work from. In the light of higher efficiencies and a reimagining of the workplace, large organisations with leases that expire in the next 12 months are starting to evaluate all their options before committing to keeping the same size space. 

Due to the need to be flexible and responsive, it is most likely that many SME’s had adopted some kind of hybrid working pattern well before COVID reared its ugly head, albeit on an informal and possibly haphazard basis.

Working from home is now a reality that is going to stay with us all, and a key element to its success is having the right communications in place. Moving forward, businesses of all sizes should avoid relying on make do and amend options such as forwarding to mobiles, struggling with broadband that families are using to stream Netflix over or control the fridge and house alarm, and being bewildered by a large choice of conferencing products.

Here are some key questions you should be considering as your business moves to embrace working from home in a professional way:

1.     Does my existing phone solution let me move my desk phone to home?

2.     Do I want to have hot desking in the office so that when people come in, they can make any phone theirs to use with their number?

3.     Will my broadband at home support the phone as a number of domestic provider block voice calls?

4.     Should I investigate a separate business broadband at home that is secure and is dedicated to work?

5.     Do I need a physical phone at all, or could I use an App on my mobile, laptop or desktop as my office phone?

6.   Is my WIFI router adequate? Did you know that WIFI slows to the speed of the slowest device connected to it and things such as Christmas lights interfere with it?

7.  What type of user-friendly conference calls will I have with my customers? 

8. When does my existing phone contract end? Don’t let it roll over whilst considering your options.

We can help you understand the options. If you would like a free discussion over a virtual coffee, please get in touch.

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