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What is behind your hosted voice service?

By March 15, 2018Uncategorised

So you are now ready to switch to a hosted voice service to take advantage of all the features and to cut costs and future proof your business. But which do you go for? All systems and all suppliers are not equal.

Questions to ask before deciding:

1) Does your platform have a mirror site to switch to in case of catastrophic failure – if no, then avoid as if it goes down you will be without service.
2) Does the platform offer interoperability with other platforms so that you can easily switch and take your equipment and numbers if dissatisfied?
3) Check your contract length and any out of bundle costs. We are seeing 5 year terms and some significant costs for usage out of bundle.
4) What handsets can you use on the service? Some services use non-mainstream handsets which, although a little cheaper, will not work on the mainstream providers, so that if you encounter difficulties you will need to invest in new equipment.
5) Do you get an easily accessible web-portal to make your own changes if needed?
6) Has the supplier checked your infrastructure to ensure there are no hidden surprises and charges when setting up?

Our service ticks all of the above boxes so you can order from us with confidence that it will all proceed smoothly from day one.

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