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By February 6, 2018Uncategorised

Many businesses move without being fully aware of what services are available at their proposed new premises. When they try to set up, they come across problems they hadn’t anticipated; they find that the building is not cabled properly or the dedicated internet access they thought they can get is not available or significantly more expensive. But it’s too late because the contract has been signed.
Pen Telecom Ltd offer a no-obligation site check service. Give us a postcode or address of where you are thinking of moving and we will check the services available for you so that you know what you are going to get. We can inspect the building for you if required to report on what you may need in terms of cabling to get the best out of your IT infrastructure.
We make no charge for this and you are not obliged to take our services. But you will at least make a decision based on what you can actually get before realising that you’ve moved and cannot get what you need.
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