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By March 6, 2018Uncategorised

When you sign-up for your business broadband, you will probably have been told some impressive download speeds that your connection can achieve. Unfortunately, ‘can’ is the key word. Whether you actually achieve these speeds is a different matter – and it might not even be your use that’s dragging the speed down.

With a regular internet connection, you will be sharing the service with other people in your building, street or even neighbourhood, and the connection speed will very likely slow down during peak times.

A dedicated internet line is uncontended. That means you’re not competing with anybody else for the resources available; it’s all for your business. As a result, your internet speeds are reliable, consistent and very, very fast. And in the case of total loss of service the line will be fixed in 7 hours or less!!!

The beauty of having your very own dedicated internet line is that you can have the service tailored to your exact requirements.

In short, a dedicated internet connection gives you a bit more control. That’s the control to ensure the productivity of your staff remains unaffected by sluggish connections during peak times and control over the technical capabilities of your organisation.

Dedicated internet access is cheaper than you think, please get in touch to discuss your requirements on 0208 150 9300 or email

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