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By September 19, 2017Business, Telecoms


Emergency maintenance work was conducted on the Inclarity platform on Monday 18th September between 7.00pm and 12.00am BST (GMT+1). The purpose of this work is to further improve and refine our security processes.

As a result of this maintenance work, immediately afterwards we will require your customers to reboot their Inclarity Polycom handsets to ensure continuation of service. It follows that if any user should find that their Inclarity phone is not showing as correctly registered during or after this period then you should reboot it as soon as possible.

To reboot a Polycom handset you can:

– From the screen select Menu -> Settings -> Basic -> Restart Phone
– From the back of the handset remove the power cable for 10 seconds and then re-attach it

In the case of a Power Over Ethernet (POE) phone removing the network cable will also remove the power – in which case please ensure that you re-attach the cable to the correct LAN port on the back. If you maintain a large, managed POE switch device, then the power to all devices could instead be cycled from this device.

The Polycom reboot sequence will normally take several minutes to complete. Note of course that a successful reboot is also dependent on your local broadband connection being in good working order. In the unlikely event that your reboot produces unexpected results then please contact Inclarity Customer Services at or 0800 987 80 80 in the usual manner.

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