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Future proof your business with VoIP

By July 25, 2017Uncategorised

A little heads up for those of you still wondering whether or not to go VoIP. A customer of our who has some BT lines (they are a cab company) had some issues with their lines around 18.30 one evening last week. Callers were getting “fault on line” and call forwarding did not work either. When we tested the line it came back clear and the customer confirmed it was now clear. It then restarted at 20.45 a bit late to do anything. This was probably due to work at the local exchange out of hours than any particular fault. Had they adopted VoIP, the calls would have been instantly and seamlessly routed to the failover destination and no bookings missed. So what’s preventing you future proofing your business! For more information contact us on our facebook page or email

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