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Can you still cold call?

By April 3, 2018Uncategorised

Can you still Cold Call in the UK when GDPR comes into play?
In short, YES you can, but with a few quick measures
It’s important that you end the conversation with:
“Is it OK for us to keep in touch?”
An answer in the affirmative is sufficient to permit a call back.
But there is a but…
…GDPR requires you to be able to prove it in court if you have to that you have permission.
The only way of proving it, is call recording!
If this is NOT an option, you need to show that you are aware and are taking measures.
You need to record the time and date of every conversation that you have, the name of who you spoke to, and that they are happy to be called back.
These rules apply to brand new company data, where you are speaking to your prospect for the first time.
If you already have stored data now, it’s important to receive permission from each person to permit a call back.
Make sure you get into the habit now of asking!
We offer call recording that is timed and date stamped and easily searchable. So to avoid any GDPR pitfalls, call us for a quote 020 8150 9300

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