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By July 25, 2017Business, Telecoms, VoIP



Are you going on holiday and run a small business? Don’t worry you don’t need to miss calls , you can use your mobile abroad as if it is your actual phone line at work.

With your phone system delivered via the cloud, you can be as professional on the go as you are in an office. Any device, anywhere, instantly becomes a business communication tool.

With Voip Office, you can:
Professionalize your mobile device. Voip Office makes it possible to take your business phone number with you, while keeping your personal number separated, giving you the flexibility to make calls, texts, and faxes from your business number on any mobile device.
Respond professionally to every incoming call from any device, anywhere, with the same business call routing flows you set up for the office.
Have your pick of devices to answer or make calls—handset, mobile, tablet, or computer—knowing you can even switch devices mid-call without the smallest interruption or degradation to the call.

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