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The company

A2Z Rug is the UK’s biggest rug manufacturer and wholesaler offering quality products, superb prices, and excellent customer support! 

They were referred to Pen Telecom by another customer near the site where they were due to move on the North Circular Road by the Brent Cross flyover.

The problem

The issue was that the site that they were moving into had terrible broadband, either 4MB service from BT or a lease line. The latter would have given excellent internet access, but at around £300 per month it was overkill.

 The solution

We checked what was available on the market to meet their needs. As we work with smaller internet service providers who have local access, we were able to provide them with an FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) connection giving them an assured 80MB down and 20MB up where Openreach could not.

 The benefits

We got them up and running in under 2 weeks. The assured FTTC connection means that the speed is guaranteed at that level. In addition, the cost is not much more than standard broadband but very much less than a lease line.



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