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Is VoIP the right solution for you?

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a method of voice communication using broadband or other data connectivity to carry voice calls instead of the traditional PSTN services such as analogue or ISDN lines that are connected via your local telephone exchange. It should be noted that ISDN is now end of life and all ISDN circuits will be turned off by 2025 for ISDN30 and 2020 for ISDN2

Voice signals are converted into data packets exactly the same way as emails and images are converted into data and sent over the internet or a direct connection to another computer and reconverted back to voice. The IP handset works as the computer to convert the voice.

As there is no longer a dependency on a local exchange there is now a lot more flexibility in numbering, meaning that your business phone number is no longer tied to the local exchange. All of a businesses’ working sites, no matter where located can now be part of the single dial plan and can be linked together as a business does with it’s email and other network wide programmes.

As data services have become more and more reliable as well as faster and cheaper the case for using VoIP for voice calls rather than traditional inflexible services becomes stronger. Lease line uptime of 99.999% is now commonplace and even ordinary broadband seldom suffers from prolonged outage. All of this removes the perceived risk from using VoIP.

5 Compelling reasons why startups should seriously consider adopting a Hosted VoIP service rather than traditional phone services.
    • Flexibility – VoIP services are generally easy to expand and contract. Using VoIP services, new lines and additional extensions are simply a matter of turning them on and adding a new handset. No longer is it necessary to order a new line, wait for 3 weeks for installation and then ask the PBX engineers to set everything up.
    • Low entry costs – Hosted services require minimal investment, usually just in the handsets and a suitable router. No large infrastructure investment required. Costs remain under control as there are no hidden extras and most of the expected services such as voicemail, caller ID are included as part of the rental.
      SIP capable switchboards will require more upfront investment, though the monthly charges will be lower. The switchboards we supply come enabled up to 150 extensions so adding more team members will not involve any further expense for new cards etc, only new handsets.
    • Future proof – Hosted services in particular will always be updated to keep up with the latest developments and at no cost to the user. As more features are added they all become available to the subscriber.
    • Our PBX’s will always have an available upgrade to incorporate the latest developments at no additional cost.
    • Maintenance charges – Hosted service have no maintenance costs.
    • PBX maintenance charges are low and cover upgrades as well as replacement in case of failure.
    • Complete Geographical Flexibility – because your number is no longer tied to any exchange the number remains with the service no matter where located. No more necessity to inform your customer base of a new number and the attrition that causes. No need for unpopular geographic numbers that are expensive to call from a mobile.

New sites become part of the same numbers. Even overseas sites can be part of the  same set up and all calls between sites are free.

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