Unified Communications

Are Unified Communications the right solution for you?

Connectivity is now faster and more reliable as well as at a much lower cost than at any time. It makes sense to review your data network to see if it is worth combining voice and data service together. This will offer savings and efficiencies.

  • Reducing the need for infrastructure investments or maintenance costs
  • Giving greater ease and flexibility in setting up new offices or extensions
  • Single network with single maintenance and contact points
  • PBX systems now fully integrate with all major CRM solutions.
  • Video conference, voice conference, instant messaging all in one device.
  • Allowing number portability so that you need never lose your established numbers even when you move premises to a completely different location
  • Providing telecom managers with a desk-top interface to manage everyday functions such as moves, adds, changes, and deletes

Your ISDN lines will soon be obsolete, so they need to be replaced

With an active programme already underway to dismantle the ISDN network, SIP trunking, (a VoIP product) is a replacement that offers large cost reductions.

Savings of £16.50 per month per pair and up using SIP channels replacing ISDN are possible.

But the single biggest advantage of a VoIP solution is for businesses with multiple locations.

With IP, any and all offices on your network can get the benefits of having a common office phone system and dial plan, including extension dialling, seamless call transfers and other features.

Presence monitoring and Instant Messaging are part of the feature set, as well as file sharing

In addition to making it easier to communicate, this sharing of features can enhance collaboration as employees at different locations can truly feel like they are part of the same organisation. And if they are on the same company network, the phone calls are FREE.